Vegan Nail Polish~ Why it’s good for you and without all those Nasty Animal Ingredients!

Natural and Vegan Nail-Polish Alternatives

It’s possible that painting your nails consistently could be affecting and contributing to hormonal irregularities. A compound called triphenyl phosphate (TPHP) is found in some nail polishes is suspect of being an endocrine disruptor – meaning it interferes with the body’s endocrine system. The endocrine system is the collection of glands that produce hormones and regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, neurological, and immune effects. A recent study by the EWG tested 10 nail polishes for the existence of TPHP, and found it in 8 out of the 10….. none of these brands had disclosed the chemical on their labels.

The next part of the experiment involved testing urine for diphenyl phosphate which TPHP is metabolized into, and after 26 volunteers painted their nails the urinary levels of DPHP increased sevenfold. You can learn more about the study here. “The conclusion is inescapable: any girl who paints her nails stands a chance of coming into contact with a potential hormone disruptor.” – Heather White, EWG Executive Director. This is especially important for young growing girls.

It is becoming apparent how important it is to take notice of the products we apply externally – as they are absorbed into the body through the skin. Doing some more research on this I started to wonder if nail polish is chemically addicting, or just something we like to do that we didn’t realize comes with long-term health risks. Either way it’s important to know our other options especially if we are being affected by hormonal irregularities like thyroid, reproductive, or adrenal disfunction.

In addition, not all nail polish brands are vegan. Check the labels for these additives which are derived from animals:
Guanine – may be listed as “pearl essence” on your nail polish bottle, but is derived from fish scales and animal tissue. Mostly found in pearly or glittery polish colors.

Carmine – normally found in red polishes, this color comes from boiling and crushing beetles
Shellac – also comes from beetle resin

Oleic Acid – Used for thickening, this comes from animal oils and tallow – animal fat.
….And the moment you’ve all been waiting for!
Here are some clean, vegan brands of nail polish found by cross-referencing vegan brands with TPHP-free brands.

Mineral Fusion – available at Whole Foods!
Spa Ritual
Honey Bee Gardens
Ella + Mila

Have fun starting to switch out your collection!



ritten by: Sara Hoffman, a certified holistic health coach, fitness guru, yogi and 12-year long vegan. Find her at >>>  wellnesswithsara


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