A sad day for the animals and planet, just as we are making great headway, subsidies supported by the United States Senate signed a budget agreement to hand over $1 billion of taxpayer money to the dying dairy industry.  The money is evidently used for programs that support the industry from falling dairy prices.  This was also recently in 2016 when the USDA supported and purchased over 11 Million pounds of cheese from their over gregarious dairy supply.

Who is behind all this?  Look no further than the Dairy Management Incorporated, a government-sponsored group created by dairy farmers to help support demand for dairy products.

The good news is this is happening because this generation is shifting away from milk more than ever before, and dairy has been in decline since 2013 according to a USDA report, falling since 1970 at over 40% percent.  All because people are choosing healthier, and truly humane plant-based milks and alternatives.   And with all over the internet news of the torment that mother cows and calves go through, beginning at artificial insemination, to the mother cows pregnant for 9 months only to deliver their baby calf that is taken away within 24 hours of birth to be confined in a veal crate or put back in the line as a milk slave puts to shame the false dairy photos on your milk carton of happy cows.

Keep spreading the message and one day dairy will be obsolete!




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