Beautifying Buddha Bowl

1 Package of Tempeh

1 small package Fresh Hummus

1 cup Frozen Peas

Bok Choy





Smoked Shoyu Sauce

Lemon infused Chive EVOO
Lemons, Chives diced, garlic and ginger diced


Marinate the Tempeh for at least 30 minutes in the bbq sauce.  Sauté the tempeh in a little Sesame Oil, garlic, brown on both sides, add Mirin and let it flame up and simmer, Add the Shoya Sauce, and reduce. add more of the BBQ Sauce until the flavors merry.

DIP:  Blend peas with Hummus add a clove of garlic and some salt in blender and a little oil if needed.


Cook for 15 minutes as directed.   Make the oil beforehand.

LEMON OIL:  Keep this marinated for at least 20 minutes ~ Put oil in a small container about 1/4 cup, add fresh lemon juice, Minced Garlic, minced Ginger, salt, fresh chives.

BOK CHOY/BROCCOLI/CARROTS:  Lightly sauté in a little oil each separately, add splash of water and cover and cook, until light green approximately 2-3 minutes.  Carrots 5 minutes.  Splash with the Mirin and Shoyu Sauce at the end and reduce.  Not overcooking veggies.

Arrange bowl and add the Lemon Oil to the Quinoa.  Add more BBQ Sauce to the Tempeh if necessary, I use a great local brand simply called > bbq sauce.

Made a commitment to stay on my path with a whole-foods plant-based diet.  The blogs were eating me alive so to speak.  I don’t think anyone has a clue how much time is spent on that FB page to make memes, research, research videos.  It’s an all day project, then add Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.  Whew!  Is all I can say and Veggie Grill was my thing for too many days, lol.  Although my son is here from college, he has spent so much time with friends and is always eating out with them.  So yes onward and upward with my commitment to putting better food in my body.  How about you?  Are you eating just vegan junk food?  Think of colors and add color to your meals.  Buddha Bowls are the best way~!  Think a grain, protein and multiple veggies of color and you’ve got it covered!  Blessings, would love to hear from you~!  Much Love.



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