Attended Environmental Fundraiser with Leilani Munter

Leilani Munter, in case you don’t know who she is, is an environmental race car driver, I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but she is out to change the entire racing industry with renewable fuels and cars!

She believes in speaking to those who are not in the choir so to speak.  So she sent me an invite to attend a local fundraiser at a beautiful LEED home in Kentfield, CA.  “Cool The Earth” and “Captain Planet” both who do great work teaching children how they can help the planet.  The only issue with environmental organizations is really they must walk the “talk”.  Being vegan is the most effective action you can take for the planet.

So my husband and I headed over, and the moment I entered I recognized Leilani’s car that she drives all over the states, for Racing Extinction, an amazing film.  The car is called ~ OPS Racing Extinction mobile projection vehicle, otherwise known as 006. Had to get photos with it, it’s the car that she drove to New York and put up the projected photos of Endangered Animals on the Empire State Building, how cool is that!

Walked into this beautiful home and the first thing I notice is cheese and salami, trying to contain myself but having a difficult time, asked the server, “Why”  “I thought and paid for an event that was advertised as vegan, I want my money back!  Who do I talk to?”  He said excuse me I’ll be right back to help you.  Thankfully he did not return and I settled down thinking would Leilani want me to do that?

We sit down at these long beautiful candle lit tables to a delicious whole food vegan meal.  Leilani gave her speech, this is the third time I will hear her speak.  I always cry when she speaks, it is so moving.  Just little tears about what we are doing to earth eating animals… and to the animals all the suffering.

After she was done with the speech I turned around to a woman who just happened to be the head of “Cool the Earth” and said “Wow, did that not make you want to go vegan?”  She replied, “Well, I can’t,”, I said, “Why not?” she replied, “Because I have three children and it’s too much”, I said,
Well, so do I and I was able to do it.”,  Then she said, “Oh but I have celiac disease and cannot eat vegan”, I pointed to my plate and said, “This meal is whole foods, you can do this… ” She said, “No, the beans had something in it”, at that point, I thought this woman is just going to keep being in denial and was actually shocked at her last statement, and said “Well please think about it”.

All we can do is show up and plant seeds.  12006115_10207735103077246_8489176332397105057_n

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