Banana Chocolate Mint Shake

file://localhost/Users/dreamofavalon/Desktop/1798534_614061358675342_6960954267678537797_n.jpg 2 cups Homemade Almond Milk 1 Scoop of Warrior Force Protein Powder Chocolate Plus 1 Spoonful of Raw Cocoa Powder 2 Bananas Mint Leaves 1 Spoonful of Maca Powder Ice

Vitamin D

THE REAL VITAMIN D Some like it hot! Try to avoid the sun between 11-2. Your best source of D is sunshine, your skin unites with the UV’s of the sun and is converted to Vitamin D and absorbed into your bloodstream. Supplement with Hipprocrates Health Institute Vegan Vitamin D if you don’t like the sun, his research into vitamins …

Kale, Pea Sprout Juice

1 Bunch Celery Handful of Dino Kale 2 Cucumbers Handful of Pea Sprouts 1 Lemon Ginger

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Trance Essence ~ Aromatherapy Artisan Perfume

  Looking for Organic, Essential Oil Perfumes, this one is by far my favorite, what is yours? Quixotic and flirtatious, this Nectar combines the mercurial essences of musk, linden blossom absolute, blackberry, wild blue cypress, organic calendula and a drop of basil to expand the senses. Crisp, clean and slightly fruity, Whyte Rabitt walks the parallel universe lightly.   Sensually …

Eat Beauty ~Vegan Breakfast

Raw Fruit Plate ~ Soursop, Banana, Pineapple, Strawberries, Coconut, Blueberries Sprinkle with Hemp Seeds, Cinnamon, Powdered Vanilla Fresh Made Almond Milk, Soaked Chia Seeds for an hour, add Blueberries, Flax Oil, Hemp Seeds, Vanilla Powder and Cinnamon…

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Vegan French Cassoulet

Soak Rancho Gordo Cassoulet Beans overnight ~16 oz. White Runner Bean Rinse and drain and cook for approximately 1 hour, taste for doneness 6 Cloves Garlic 4 Carrots peeled and diced 3 Leeks white parts only diced 1 bunch of Red Kale diced 1 package Tofurky Kielbasa Sausage Browned 5 sliced Whole Wheat loaf baquette sauteed in Iron pan with …

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Earthlings Movie

  This documentary will make you vegan.  Please watch it, it’s a crucial documentary known to change the lives of so many.   Would love to hear your comments after you watch entire documentary.  Thank you kindly!