Avocado Beauty Smoothie Bowl

2 Avocados

2 Pears

1 Cucumber with Skin

Lime Juice

Pink Salt

Fresh Mint Leaves

1 Tbs. Maca Powder

Coconut Water

Layer with Coconut Shreds, Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds

Always Organic <3

Blend all ingredients add coconut water to your own consistency.  Think next time I will use Coconut Milk and Coconut Water.  The peels of cucumbers hold most of it’s antioxidant power, Vitamin K, Fiber and Potassium.  Always juice with the peel, and eat like that just wash really well.  The Maca mushroom extract is a known aphrodisiac, and avocados are excellent for your skin.  An Avocado a day will make your skin glow.  <3   Enjoy!

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