As fur wanes worldwide with all the recent fur bans, people are using Mink eyelashes and slippers to hide behind the cruelty. Billie Eilish is a famous 17 year-old vegan pop star icon who has used her voice for the animals on quite a few occasions.

As she wrote on her Instagram stories, “Just so you know…this is a mink. you bitches getting mink lashes and mink slippers disgust me lol.”
“Where yo heart at?”.

She has been very vocal about being vegan, she even added to her story how she was getting her Taco Bell to go order, “I’m gonna get 18 bean burritos with only beans, nothing else.” Only beans inside, “into the drive through speaker. “Eighteen burritos and only beans. You know what? Make that 20. Swear to god.”

Her recent appearance in a video with the another vegan influencer, Woody Harrelson on the environment was monumental in our hopes to create change.

Minks are too beautiful to be worn, and we are proud of all the fur bans, mink lashes will be out, as will the slippers! It’s so critical that these influencers use their voices to create change. We love you Billie! Keep up the great work!


  1. Well well, I guess today is Billie Eilish’s 18th birthday. I didn’t know that girl was only 17?! I’m really excited to see what music she puts out moving forward.

    1. Author

      Gavin, yes her 18th! Yes, loving her music and her voice for the animals! It will be exciting to see what she comes out with in this new decade. Happy New Year!

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