Al Fresco Orzo Pesto Salad

Cook 1 packet Delallo Organic Whole Wheat Orzo
Drain and add to serving bowl, Set aside
Broccoli Florets chopped Small (blanched is nice)
Roasted Red Pepper 2 slices chopped
1 Jar Jovial Chickpeas toasted with Harissa Spice
Raw Black Olives Diced
Artichoke Hearts

Miyoko’s Creamery Creamy Chive Cheese
Cherry Tomatoes

Blend the pesto into the orzo. Add the veggies and more pesto if needed. Squeeze with lemon juice. Garnish with Rose Harissa, Za’atar Spice, Fresh Oregano, Rose Salt.

I almost named this Burning Man Orzo Salad, but I did make it to Burning Man for the first time, and what the experience of a lifetime. I could only do 3 nights as I had family obligations and I wasn’t sure I’d have my sight after I was unable to see with red eyes from all the dust. But what I did see and witness was a loving community, my best friend (famous BM photographer)who has incorporated so many vegan items into his cooking, I was so proud of all the delicious vegan food he made. This is the way show them -show them how good our food is!

The dust may have got my eyes, but I could still see all the beauty of the people and especially the art, the art cars are amazing all the work that is put into these art pieces on the playa is simply mind blogging.

Back to the salad, I did serve this Al Fresco and would recommend for a picnic too, with a vegan cheese and Sourdough Bread. This taste amazing and would highly recommend to store if you do go to Burning Man. Making it there is a synch.

I use an Organic Jar brand that is vegan and so delicious, and easy to take. Hope you enjoy this for your summer dining al fresco our wherever life takes you! It’s all a journey never say no to an adventure, even if it seems difficult. Once you’ve arrived you’re always in awe that you went. There is beauty everywhere somehow. Enjoy!

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