The increasing multitude of climate catastrophes are remarkably increasing. How is this related to Animal Agriculture? Many ranchers burn and clear space for raising animals and for feed. Roughly 250 million acres of US Forests have been cleared in order to create cropland to feed animals. This in turn leads to droughts, greenhouse-gas emissions and deforestation =GLOBAL WARMING. CLIMATE EMERGENCY!

“It is likely that there was more lightning because of global warming.” “What you could say with certainty is that it was hotter with global warming, And certainly the vegetation was drier because of warming. If there were also more lightning strikes, as we would expect, that’s just an additional bump in the direction of more fires.” David Romps, physicist Stephen UC, Berkeley

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have been in constant threats of lightning strikes, which is unheard of in this area. These recent lightning strikes have sparked fires across the state in dry brush. The smoke is so heavy we are unable to access the outdoors for at least two weeks since they’ve started. We are under constant alerts for power outages, and evacuations.

The U.N. has stated that meat consumption must decrease by as much as 90% in order for us to avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change.

We are living in times where we must wake up to the main source feeding these fires; ANIMAL AGRICULTURE. Do it for the future generations, do it for ourselves, do it for the animals, our health and the animals suffering these fires. Thank you for being here. YOU are the solution.

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