Chia Rose Parfait Pudding

3 tbs. Chia Seeds

1 cup Homemade Hemp Milk

1 tsp Organic Vanilla Powder*

1 tsp Maple Syrup

1 tsp of Organic Rose Water

Organic fruits of Banana, Pomegranate, Blueberries, Persimmon slice, edible flowers.




Blend all ingredients in a large mixing cup, let sit for an hour in fridge, pour between layers of blueberries, top with raspberries, banana, pomegranate seeds, persimmon slice and flowers.

Rose is one of the highest vibrational flowers.  Raising our vibration is important during these hectic fast paced, news laden lives we lead.  Be kind to yourself and put superfoods and beauty into your body.  As you make this send love to the food, never have anger in or around your food! 😉  Blessings this was on a Supermoon day.  The power of superfoods is well founded!  Enjoy! img_7920

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