Collard Wraps with Veggies and Delicious Dill Tahini Sauce

Yellow Bell Pepper Sliced
1 Carrot sliced diagonally Miyoko’s Creamy Chive Cheese
Sliced Purple Cabbage
Misha’s Kind Foods Jalapeno, Habanero, Strawberries Cheese


1/2 Cup Tahini
1 Lemon Juiced
1/4 cup Dill leaves chopped

Blend, add salt to taste, and adjust water for perfect consistency.

Lay out collard greens on large plate, layer with your favorite nut cheese, carrots, bell peppers, and top with Misha’s spicy cheese, and add sauce into middle coating the veggies and cheeses.

Garnish: Dill leaves.

After the holidays with indulgence of sugars, gluten… It’s refreshing to start the New year with Raw foods, they heal the gut flora and give you energy, and cleanse the body.

A great lunch recipe, if your raw until 4 this hits the mark. Did you know that artisan vegan cheeses are fermented and help your gut flora? This new Misha cheese my daughter bought home from LA was beyond amazing! There are so many locals making their own and selling them. I hope you can find these amazing products. Just go their websites and see where their selling locations are located or make your own easily!

Enjoy this delicious, satisfying meal!

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