Divine Mediterranean Layered Avocado Toast

Della Fattoria Bakery Bread ~Sesame Crusted

Toast and rub with garlic clove

Layer with ~

Black Olive Tapenade


Miyoko’s Kitchen Garlic Herb Cheese


Basil Pesto

Tomato Sprinkle with Malton Salt/Urfa Pepper

Top with Matiz Piquillo Roasted Red Pepper

Dash of Finest Organic Raw EVOO and Sesame Seeds

Luckily I have an amazing Spanish Specialty Food Store close, and they have the Organic Peppers, Tapenades, Harissa, EVOO, and Urfa available, so my pantry is well stocked with these condiments to be able to make this meal of an Avocado Toast supreme tasting and also Miyoko’s vegan cheese is tops! ¬†I do hope you will layer upon layer yours up, after all Mediterranean diet is supremely divine for your health. ¬†Enjoy!

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