Earth Day Everyday!

images-1I went to a local Earth Day event and was so inspired! They had green cars, speakers, tables for how to change your diet to Vegan, and also how to stop the cycle of plastic.

I made a pledge to always carry cups with me for the green tea pick-me-ups in the afternoon and to no longer use plastic.

I always carry my canvas shopping bags in my car, and as soon as I unload the groceries into my house, the bags are put back near the exit to the car (to be put back into the trunk of my car); when the bags are washed, they get put into the same spot.

Always carry glass bottles or a reusable container for your water. It is imperative.

Can you take the pledge today or whenever you read this post and do the same? Plastics are choking our sealife and clogging our oceans. It doesn’t take much to rise up and make this planet a little greener with every little thing we can do.

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