​We know from studies* the single biggest way to cut our carbon footprint is eating a vegan plant-based diet. The study from researchers at the University of Oxford found that cutting meat and dairy products from your diet could reduce an individual’s carbon footprint from food by up to 73 percent. It would also free up wild land lost to agriculture, one of the primary causes of wildlife extinction.

Some more tips on being green for this planet:

1.) CANVAS BAGS: to the grocers, or any shopping. Empty and put them back in your trunk, so easy to do! Save the trees!

2.) CUPS: Stainless Steel cups for your coffee, tea. And Glass Containers for water.

3.) PLASTIC, say no to straws, reuse plastic bags for produce, and recycle them. Plastic cups, bring your own cups above.^ Dry Cleaners: Go to certified green cleaners, and never use the plastic wrap, they sell the fabric covers. Get one and use it.

4.) FOOD WASTE: Compost if you are able to where you live. Use a shopping list so you don’t overbuy and check what you have before you leave to shop.

5.) PAPER: Toilet paper and Paper Towels. Please always buy Seventh Generation or other green eco-brands, you can help save over 740,000 trees!

OFFICE: Try not to print your paper. Take photos with your phone and write it down whenever possible. Or use recycled paper. Buy all recycled products for your office supplies.

6.) CARS/SOLAR: Grateful to have the Tesla, the smaller one, I highly recommend an electric car. You whiz past every gas station and you feel great not contributing to the CO2. We also have solar panels on our home that charges it. GO SOLAR, GO ELECTRIC! Cut back on Fossil Fuels.

Bike, walk, or use public transportation. I used to use the bus to go to the city for work and it saved the hassle of parking, tolls, and was relaxing.

7.) ORGANIC FOODS/PRODUCTS: Use Eco Detergents, household cleaners…
Always organic produce, when you do, you don’t contribute to the demise of our planet with the toxic chemicals sprayed everywhere. Worth the money for your health and the health of this planet.

ORGANIC GARDEN: Even if you live in an apartment, grow something on your deck. If you can plant raised beds, and get a composter. The amount of chemicals, and animal products used for the garden are tremendous! You’d be shocked at all the exploitation of animals for garden products, it just never ends. Plant organic, and Fruit trees! It’s so easy use veggie compost, rotate the beds and plant cover crops, it’s that easy! FARMERS MARKETS: Are the best if you can’t garden, they are the freshest and use less packaging.

8.) VEGAN PRODUCTS/CLOTHING: Think how many animals are raised in horrid conditions and all the waste generated from raising these animals. The testing of animals for makeup. So many items from animals to avoid such as hair brushes, paint brushes, coats, clothing, household furnishings…….. Say no to leather, wool, down, mohair, fur, cosmetics……

Try buying resale clothing and selling or giving away to charity your old clothes as much as possible. Look for eco-clothing brands, faux fur, faux down, organic cottons…

9.) HOUSE PAINTS/HOUSE: Some contain whey products, make sure they are eco and contain no animals ingredients.

Buy Organic Couches, without down. Pillows without down. Buy Organic Mattresses, you don’t get all those chemicals to sleep on! Buy Antique furniture or recycled wood desks.

10.) TOWELS/HOUSEHOLD: Buy Organic cotton towels, sheets, bedding..

11.) TOYS: Never buy cheap plastic, look for Waldorf type toys make out of wood…

12.) PETS: Buy dog foods from reputable vegan companies that supply all the needed nutrients. My dogs are 15 and 13, vet approved vegans and healthy and happy! We kill more animals for pet food and it responsible for a quarter of the environmental impacts of meat production in terms of land use, water, fossil fuels, phosphates and pesticides. We are looking forward to the new “Wild Earth” made from fungi called ‘Koji, a lab grown meat. It will support bacteria to fight inflammation and maintain healthy nutrition and digestion! Check out V-Dog and Evolution Pet Diet Food for more more information on how much healthier it is for your pet and the environment.

13.) LIGHTING: Use LED and CFL light bulbs, the CFLs do contain mercury. Make sure to dispose of properly.

14.) RECYLE: Recycle batteries, paints, car oils, plastic, bottles, paper. EVERYTHING that is recyclable. COMPUTERS, electronics can all be recycled google for nearest location.

Please watch this excellent video by The Economist:

Please watch documentaries: ‘Racing Extinction’ and ‘Cowspiracy, the Sustainable Secret’. It will open your eyes to what we are doing to the planet, but you can help by adopting a vegan plant-based diet. There is no time like today to start.
Let me know what else you do or would like to add to this list. Thank you!

Here is trailer to ‘Racing Extinction’

Please watch ‘Cowspiracy, The Sustainability Secret’.
Here are some fact base studies: A MUST READ! *


Enjoy your Earth Day, by immersing yourself in Nature today and honoring the beauty of this planet!

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