Earthy Italian Butter Beans with Kamut Pasta

12065801_880684131985998_2874744847301878450_n2 Cans Organic Bioitalia Butter Beans


1 Whole Garlic Clove Mashed and 4 cloves minced

4 Fresh Thyme Sprigs

1/4 Cup Madeira

1 Bay leaf

Sea Salt

1 Head of Dino Kale Chopped Finely ~ de-stemmed

Fresh Minced herbs of Thyme, Sage, Parsley

1 Package of Baia Artisan made Khorasan Kamut Pasta

Drain 1/2 the liquid from beans and add to an Soup Pan, add the garlic, thyme, sage leaves, bay leaf, and salt and let simmer for 1/2 hour to an 40 minutes to enhance flavor.  Add water if necessary. Stir as needed.

Add Oil to a large iron skillet, minced garlic, stir in drained beans, reserving the liquid in a separate bowl.  Stir for approximately 2 minutes on medium heat, add the Kale, stirring as it starts to wilt, add the reserved liquid and madeira, and reduce.

Cook Pasta and drain.  Serve the beans over the pasta.  Drizzle with a Lemon Olive Oil, or Truffle Oil.  This is a beautiful earthy dish, rich and satisfying.


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