Earthy Polenta Breakfast Bowl

1 cup of Organic Polenta

Black Olives

Cherry Tomatoes

Miyiko’s vegan butter

Bring 6 cups* water to a boil, add salt, add 1 cup polenta, stir frequently with whisk for approximately 20-30 minutes. Pour into bowl and melt vegan butter in middle. Use Malton Salt to flavor and garnish with tomatoes, and black olives, black urfa pepper and Marash red pepper.

This is such a comfort bowl of earthy goodness. Absolutely love this for breakfast. You can use the rest of the polenta for dinner with roasted veggies on top. So delicious and easy to make. Enjoy!

*Bob’s Red Mill brand says 6 cups of water but I’ve always done 4 and added more water along the way if needed, it comes out creamier this way.

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