Electric Ramen Noodle Soup

2 Quarts Homemade Veggie Stock

1 tbs. Black Miso

Grated Fresh Ginger


Raw Tamari


Simmer the above for 10 minutes.


1 Onion diced

Carrot sliced diagonally


1/2 Bag of Maitake Mushrooms, Sauté Maitakes in EVOO until seared, stirring on high heat frequently, add a dash of Vermouth and reduce.  Add the mushrooms to the soup.

Add Minced Mint, Basil, Chives cook another 10 to 15 until veggies are tender.

Add at the very last and just let it steam lightly enough to cook~

1 Bunch Broccoli sliced long

2 Bok Choy

FRESH RAMEN NOODLES Cooked and ready

Slice into 1/4 inch steaks and sauté in Sesame Oil, browning on both sides, splash with Mirin cook until browning, add Tamari and cook one more minute, flipping as they brown.  Slice and add to top with a garnish of chives, mint, basil.

Electric because it turned out to be so delicious!  Wow, right now with the ramen craze which I hope stays, I hope that you’ll give this dish a try and let me know what you think.  Just loved how all the veggies melted into electric fantasy in your mouth.  Thanks for being here would love to hear from you! 

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