Daniel Humm chef at the helm of the well loved “Eleven Madison Park” Michelin Starred Restaurant in New York rocked the fine dining world with his announcement that Eleven Madison Park would pivot to an all-vegan plant-based menu, the renowned chef is opening the gates to a new endeavor, a delivery meal kit business. Humm announced on Tuesday morning the debut of Eleven Madison Home, a weekly subscription service delivering vegan meals and snacks from the restaurant.

The starting price for subscriptions is $150, for a small box that claims to feed one, with a $285 larger option for two. The menu changes weekly, but includes one meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with a soup, a snack, and some produce — enough food for “one day” of vegan eating. The first box includes whole grain oatmeal with rhubarb compote, a celery root salad sandwich on focaccia, and bake-at-home snickerdoodle cookies. 

Local businesses are also getting in on the subscription service. Eleven Madison Park has partnered with local coffee roaster Devoción on a bag of $25 coffee beans that can be ordered a la carte, and there’s a $75 tacos al pastor kit for four made in partnership with Bushwick tortilleria Sobre Masa. Eatery

Chef Humm has said it’s been a thrill for his career to do the necessary thing for the environment and animals. “It’s exciting to cook and eat this way; what we first thought might be limiting has proven instead to be invigorating. In my mind, there is no doubt that the food at Eleven Madison Park today is the best it has ever been; it’s an experience not found anywhere else.”
“It’s not news to anyone that our current food system is unsustainable,” Humm says in a note that accompanies the first box, and he argues that as a chef, his impact can come through encouraging people to eschew meat once a week. “What could be the impact if we all ate plant-based food more often? We don’t need to eat like this every day, but just one day per week can have an immediate effect.”

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“Our goal from the beginning has been to redefine what luxury and fine-dining looks like, is and can be,” the chef says. “There is zero sacrifice when it comes to eating plant-based.”

The subscription box, which is hand-delivered to your home, costs $150 per week and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Rethink Food. Humm has always had charity at his helm. This charity, which the Michelin-starred chef founded in 2017, works to fight food insecurity in New York City and beyond. In this case, the purchase of one box provides funds for one plant-based meal that will be given out via the EMP food truck.

The lovely blue EMP truck will serve up to 400 free meals daily on a first-come, first-served basis in three different communities.

Humm operates the vehicle in partnership with Rethink Food, a nonprofit he co-founded with former EMP cook Matt Jozwiak, which is dedicated to creating a “more sustainable and equitable food system.”

The truck will open its window to hungry locals on Mondays, Thursdays and early Fridays at Bronx Collegiate Academy in the Claremont-Mount Eden neighborhood; on Tuesdays at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park South; and later on Friday, at the Mary Mitchell Family & Youth Center in the West Farms section of The Bronx.

It’s amazing to see how well this renowned chef is doing after people ridiculed on the page that he would never succeed switching his prestigious restaurant to plant-based. Congratulations Chef Daniel Humm!

Delicious, beautiful, decadent ELEVEN MADISON HOME.

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