ENERGY SABBATH: And the Healing of Unplugging

We are bombarded with negative news so much, that our stress levels are affecting us. We have COVID-19 lockdowns, we have so much confusion around wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, conspiracy theorists, racism (a much needed awakening!), animal rights (a much needed awakening), a tense election year, so much confusion, fear, suffering, and powerful awakenings. May we all be empowered to take energy sabbaths to become stronger to help the animals, planet and others.

I’ve decided to enjoy my life with more breaks, an “Energy Sabbath” I may blog something positive on my personal Instagram and check there with friends and family, but that will be the extent of Social media.

My list for Energy Sabbath:
Start for 24 hours up to a week, or whatever amount of time it takes to reset your stress levels to feel good again. Then you can take on the world!

An Altar I made with Organic, handpicked flowers.

– UNPLUG/TECHNOLOGY; Put your phone down, unless deleting photos or being creative. Take time off FB/Twitter= all the noise.

-Create vegan meal plans, cook, garden. Make #wfpd every meal!

-Pick flowers in your yard, or buy local ones and keep them fresh. Flowers have such healing power.

-Yoga/Walk in Nature, make it daily -(Exercise)

-Declutter one space at a time, and clear clutter. So energizing!

-Gather with friends, family, have a social distance picnic. Take a hike in the woods or park. Play/walk with your dog/cat, companion animal.

-Start a book, make art.

-Turn off electronics as much as possible. Light candles.

-Make an altar, with something sacred to you.

-Make your space beautiful.

-Burn incense, sage your computer you and surroundings.

-Make beautiful baths with flowers and candles.

– Spa day: Nails, facials and now hair care, beards, it’s all about taking care of ourselves too! My girlfriend told me once long ago and it always stuck with me, for the women: Treat yourself like a Goddess would, daily showers, including shampoo, make-up, well dressed…. You’ll feel so much better being dressed well, and kept up. Men too! Take that extra time for YOU.

Enjoy your life, but to be a warrior in this world -stress kills and we NEED YOU! RECHARGE YOUR POWER! Let me know how long you went without plugging in.

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