Exotic Hemp Tabouli Roll

1/2 Cup combined minced Fresh Parsley and Mint

2 Tbs Hemp Seeds

3 Cherry Tomatoes Diced

Lemon to taste


1/2 Avocado Diced

Living Foods Cashew Cream Cheese

Garnish  your favorite Sprouts, Black Sesame Seeds for added Calcium

Vegan Organic Nori Roll

In a bowl combine Mint, Parsley, Tomatoes, Hemp Seeds, Lemon and Salt, add EVOO if you’d like.  Let marry for 15 minutes.  Layer Nori Roll with Cashew Cheese on bottom, Tabouli, Avocado and top with sprouts.


My favorite new lunch!  This could easily be a dinner entree with a Seaweed Salad also.  Just love the healthy burst of  crunchy hemp tabouli as you feel vibrant eating this live food.  Raw beauty at it’s best!

Exotic Hemp Tabouli Roll

Exotic Hemp Tabouli Roll



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