Flower Beauty Chia Pudding

Chia Seeds
Fresh Almond Walnut Milk
Wild Blueberries
Pineapple Rings

Layer a beautiful glass with, chia seeds, plant milk, just at the bottom of glass, stir well; let set in fridge for approx 10-20, layer with wild blueberries next, then repeat with chia and milk mixed well, refrigerate for approximately 20 minutes.

Add the Wild Blueberries to top, garnish with dried Pineapple Rings, Orchid, Flowers, and enjoy the beauty of this dish.

If you’re new to blogging food, flowers are the best to make any dish stand out. Edible flowers are my favorite thing to grow, I hope you enjoy this raw, living food dish. Wild blueberries as you can tell from my blog are in my breakfast almost daily. My best creations are breakfast, I think it’s my favorite meal of the day. What is yours?

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