During these trying times, we all need grounding tools, and I do believe that as humans, we try our best to constantly evolve. I try to the best of my ability to incorporate a daily meditation practice, be it 10 minutes to 20 minutes at least 4 to 5 days a week. When you do animal rights and have suffered in the past from traumatizing PTSD experiences as I have, it’s critical to incorporate a practice that you find healing into your life.

Frequencies: Flowers are a must on any altar, hand picked or organic is best! Today it was a special rose in particular. Did you know that roses have a vibrational frequency of 320MHz? This in turns raises your vibrational frequency. Our bodies vibrate at around 62-68 MHz.Rose has the highest frequency of all the tangible things on earth that are alive. Mystics, sages and yogis who practice meditations, can raise their frequencies to as high as 700+, the vibration of joy is 540 and is expansive. Color has a frequency, violet being the highest, indigo, blue…
Frequency – To Not eating animals raises your vibration, to eat animals is to absorb the mental state of the animal. The vegetarians say that ahimsa, or the yogic practice of nonviolence, prevents them from eating animals because it’s violent to take the life of another living being. Vegetarians also say that meat-eating inhibits us from achieving deep states of meditation because it negatively affects the energy body. Many yogis have come to realize that dairy products are cruel and can no longer consume eggs or dairy not just for their karmic violence, but also for the harm it does to our planet, and the clogging of our bodies with the cholesterol.

From my own personal experience, –I’m extremely more intuivitely aware of energies from being vegan. Jivamukti Yoga teaches this ancient yoga philosophy ~ I actually have a Yoga Teacher Certificate that I never put to good use as a teacher but at least have incorporated 20 minutes of yoga almost daily. –We studied every aspect of yoga, including the philosophical part of eliminating animals from your diet. “All life is sacred, all life is one, no one has the right to question the sacredness of another, no one has the right to commit violence against another.” Shree Purohit Swami

Flowers are living energy, -a living being. Flowers bring us joy and happiness to receive, to celebrate life or also honor a life. It’s hard to explain the phenomena that occurred to me from the time I placed and cut the rose to arrange in the vase. The intense beauty of this rose gave me such a strong connection and vibration with this rose.

Meditation: I always begin my meditation with a singing bowl; visualizing practice-starting at my sacral chakra opening all chakras, with the color wheels spinning on each chakra, to the root crown and visualizing violet and merkaba spinning at the crown with the ringing of the bowl. Also, gold and white light throughout your cells for healing. Silver is great for your thymus gland which sits just above the breast bone, on top of the heart, the thymus gland is linked to our lymphatic and immune systems, helping us to fight infection. You can visualize the highest attunement there with a geometric pattern specific for this. Upon finishing the chakra openings, and singing bowl harmonizing the chakras,-

I began my gaze into this rose, her power overcame me in ways that I’ve never experienced before, she pulled me into her fragrance to smell. Her beauty from every single detail was immersed into my retina, creating electrifying vibrations, activating retinal pigments, and sending nerve signals to my brain. Drinking in her beauty of the anatomy of a rose, from the middle stamen, to the delicate curves of every leaf. It may have been one of the most powerful meditations ever. This rose’s beauty was intoxicating.

Day 2, and even more beauty she gave to me. Day 3 today and I had to write about it. As I was gazing it almost became apparent what a living being I was vibrating with. There was an energy exchange to some degree, that something told me to turn on music; I turned on a YT music video, called “1111 Hz Spiritual & Angelic Energy” from Inner Lotus Music. She responded, I could feel it. At the end I began talking to her, and told her how beautiful she was. She actually responded with a slight curl of one of her petals. I was ecstatic and filled with joy at this phenomena. The hardest part is going to see her pass her petals and wilt away. I thanked her for her beauty and joy and walked outside and saw the next red rose, she must be gifting to me.
Day 4, I decided to continue to talk about it, I walked into the room excited to communicate again with this gorgeous rose. It was so sad to see that overnight she had withered away, I cried because my sister had a heart attack last night and has covid. It reminded me again of the fragility of life. The new bud was ready to be picked, I was excited to see if I would have the same interconnectedness; this day 1 was not the same. Like life we are drawn to a certain magnetic wave in people, evidently the first rose had that power. Prayers for my sister, Linda, may she be healed with love and light her way.

Flower gazing is powerful as it brings you into the beauty that formed the flower, from the stamen to the details of petals, and to a phenomena maybe for you too. It’s a mindfulness practice- yoga gazing- known as “Trataka,” still eyes, still mind meditation. It’s excellent to promote relaxation and to enhance cognitive abilities.

To practice: Sit in a meditation/lotus position. Open your eyes and look at the flower without blinking. Close the eyes briefly. Repeat. I actually stayed with gaze on this flower with a few blinks and found it more powerful. The power of a rose is immense.

Please let me know if you’ve tried this flower gazing, especially with a rose!

This Rose was Special, as is each life we meet. She’s a living being. All life is sacred.

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