French Potato Leek Soup infused with Truffle, Mushrooms and Kale

1 Jar Potato Leek Soup

Maitake Mushrooms


EVOO/Grapeseed Oil/Garlic/Black Truffle/Salt

Heat skillet, add Grapeseed Oil, add washed mushrooms, and sear until browned, as they turn semi brown, splash with Madeira or Vermouth and reduce. Add fresh Thyme and cook 3 more minutes.

Wash and chop Kale, add to soup and cook until light green.

Garnish with Black Truffle shavings, EVOO, salt, Thyme.

Very grateful that I have a local Organic store that makes fresh vegan soups, so this makes for a very satisfying and healthy meal during these cold winter months. Adding the greens, mushrooms and truffle make it truly satisfying and indulgent with the truffle.

You can easily make your own Potato Leek soup, and add the rest. Hope you enjoy this delicious warming and comforting soup! Enjoy!

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