Fresh and Lush Fava Bean Dip

4 cups of shelled Fava beans from pods (green in color)
1 Bay leaf/l.

1 Large Shallot diced
2 Large Cloves Garlic
1 Lemon Juiced
1/2 cup Water

Rallis Organic Olive Oil
Adonis Valley Za’atar Spice from Za’atar Roads
Smoked Paprika
Curio Rose Harissa

In a large iron skillet cover beans in water with bay leaf and boil for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and drain, let cool for 15 and peel the outer later shell off and push out the beans into a dish. Add the Fava Beans into Vitamix and add lemon juice, a dash of EVOO, salt to taste. Use a spatula to scrape sides and keep adding water until you get a nice creamy consistency. Approximately 1/2 cup water. Salt and garnish. This dish was time consuming but so worth it. The taste were simply out of this world. Possibly because I grew the favas and froze them shelled in baggies. I’m sure you can buy the dried ones easily. Having these fresh made it SO GOOD. This is hands down one of my favorite recipes.

Serve with Pita Bread, or Lodge Garlic Bread and Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto on recipe below this one. Also made a salad with Artichokes, Hearts of Palms, with Tahini Basil Dressing and a side of broccoli and Maitake Mushrooms for an amazing plant-based dinner. This made for great left-overs, all of it. Let me know if you made this, the only time consuming part was peeling the beans and getting the consistency perfect by adding around 1/4 cup water then more as needed. Enjoy it was orgasmic!

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