Garlicy Roasted Mashed Potatoes

8-10 Large Yukon Gold Potatoes


8-10 cloves of garlic pressed

Maldon Salt And Black Pepper

1/4 cup Parsley finely minced

Peel just the dark or dirty spots off washed potatoes, quarter potatoes and boil for 10 minutes, check for doneness.  Spread on a large oiled cookie sheet and mash each potato.  Preheat oven at Roast 450 degrees.  Use a garlic press and press one to two cloves over each potato with the garlic over each potato.  Sprinkle with EVOO, Malton Salt, Crushed Black Pepper and roast until crispy and brown approximately 15- 20 minutes. Sprinkle with parsley the last 5 minutes of cooking.

Serve for breakfast potatoes, or any side dish calling for potatoes.  Serve with Tempeh Bacon for a breakfast with fruits and you’ve have a great breakfast!

Potatoes are full of Vitamins B6, C and Copper, Fiber, phytonutrients and antixodants.  You’ll really love how crispy and great these taste.  Discovered the specialty Maldon Salt from Chef Tal Ronnen of Crossroads Kitchen, it’s flaky and taste amazing.  Let me know how you enjoy these amazing potatoes.  IMG_9862

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