Glow with Juicing Benefits

Mikaële is a close friend and an amazing example of living the vegan, healthy lifestyle.  Her beautiful mother, Barb, died of uterine cancer at the young age of 50 and in her mother’s honor she began researching and studied at Hipprocrates Health Institute and has been spreading her love for health ever since. Photo: Mikaelë Tate

Just a few benefits of juicing:

Green juice is immediately absorbed into your body giving it an instant infusion of nutrients that raise your vibration, make your molecules dance and have other powerful transformative effects over time.

Most foods and juices these days are either processed or sitting on store shelfs, for days, (weeks)? losing nutrition value and life force from the get go.

The best juices are those made fresh and drank that day or you can give it one more day. Fresh juices that contain live foods is full of enzymes which are the SPARK that make our food alive and full of energy. When we drink alive foods above 115 degrees.  Lots of store bought juice is pasteurized (heated) and has no enzyme activity … dead juice.  Make sure your juices are full of life life and super fresh. These juices should give you ENERGY.

** Green Juice is loaded with protein!  How do you think cows get their bone and muscle building nutrients and amino acids, Yep.. from the phytonutrients in the greens they eat!

** Green veggies are the optimal food for glowing skin, strong bones, elevated energy, purifying, regenerated and transforming your body from the inside out.!

** If you don’t have access to fresh green juice that is fully alive in your neighborhood, feel free to set up a coaching session with Mikaële Tate of Green Your Spirit, and her or I will teach you how to make your own, and also help you design a cleanse specifically for your goals and current state of health.  If you live in most areas of Marin, and haven’t yet tried their organic sprouted juice and cleanse delivery service … please reach out and try their introductory special.  To get a discount on your first cleanse, mention Vegan Green Planet and Mikaële will hook you up!


Mikaële Tate of Green Your Spirit

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