Hampton Creek Foods announces 43 new Vegan Foods

Hampton Creek to Launch Line of 43 Vegan and Cruelty-Free Products


Hampton Creek recently announced the launch of 43 new vegan products, which will be sold alongside the company’s popular Just Mayo eggless mayonnaise in Walmart and Target stores.


Just Mayo has become a go-to vegan spread for folks who want a tasty, and cruelty-free option for their sandwiches and other meals. Now, with Hampton Creek’s new line of animal-free food products, it’s even easier to eat with palate pleasure and compassion in mind.


Hampton Creek’s new Just Cookie Dough selections are already available on quite a few grocery store shelves, and soon you’ll be able to pick up other yummy vegan products from the company like Just Caesar salad dressing, Just Coffee Cake – Cinnamon Roll mix, and Just Pancakes Classic recipe mix.


When Hampton Creek’s full line of new products is revealed in stores later this month, consumers will have tasty alternatives for whipping up a cruelty-free scramble, batch of cookies (if they don’t eat the dough first), or plate of muffins, among other goodies. Hampton Creek wants it to be easy for consumers to not only slather an egg-free mayo on their veggie burger, but also cook up a yummy dish of dairy-free brownies or enjoy a just-baked butter-less pound cake.


The New Products


Hampton Creek’s line of no-egg and no-dairy products will include several Just Mayo varieties as well as a range of flavors of Just Dressings, Just Cookie Doughs, Just Cookies, Just Dessert Mixes, Just Breakfast Mixes. Home cookies will also get one Just Scramble mix late in 2016.


The following is a list of Hampton Creek’s new products that will be appearing on store shelves any day now.


Just Mayo


  • Just Mayo (original)
  • Just Mayo Light
  • Just Mayo Garlic
  • Just Mayo Sriracha
  • Just Mayo Chipotle
  • Just Mayo Awesomesauce
  • Just Mayo Truffle
  • Just Mayo Wasabi
  • Just Mayo Sesame Ginger


Just Dressing


  • Just Ranch
  • Just Ranch Light
  • Just Thousand
  • Just Italian
  • Just Italian Light
  • Just Balsamic
  • Just Sweet Mustard
  • Just French
  • Just Caesar
  • Just Raspberry
  • Just Sesame
  • Just Goddess
  • Just Miso
  • Just Wild West


Just Cookie Dough


  • Just Cookie Dough, Chocolate Chip
  • Just Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter
  • Just Cookie Dough, Chocolate Hazelnut


Just Cookies


  • Just Cookies, Chocolate Chunk
  • Just Cookies, Peanut Butter
  • Just Cookies, Maple Banana Nut
  • Just Cookies, Lemon Snickerdoodle
  • Just Cookies, Double Chocolate Espresso
  • Just Cookies, Sugar
  • Just Cookies, Chocolate Chip
  • Just Cookies, Oatmeal Pecan
  • Just Cookies, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
  • Just Cookies, Whole Grain Chocolate Chip
  • Just Cookies, Whole Grain Double Chocolate Chip
  • Just Cookies, Whole Grain Rainbow Chip


Just Dessert Mixes


  • Just Brownies, Chocolate
  • Just Brownies, Mocha
  • Just Cake, Devil’s Food
  • Just Cake, Yellow
  • Just Coffee Cake, Cinnamon Roll
  • Just Cake, Carrot
  • Just Cake, Chocolate
  • Just Cake, White
  • Just Cake Vanilla
  • Just Cake, Coffee Crumble
  • Just Cake, Pound
  • Just Cake, Key Line
  • Just Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie


Just Breakfast Mixes


  • Just Pancakes, Classic
  • Just Pancakes, Multigrain
  • Just Pancakes, Birthday Cake
  • Just Pancakes, Banana Bread
  • Just Pancakes, Lemon Blueberry
  • Just Muffins, Basic
  • Just Muffins, Corn
  • Just Muffins, Low-Fat
  • Just Muffins, Whole Grain
  • Just Muffins, Cinnamon Bran
  • Just Muffins, Chocolate Chip
  • Just Muffins, Blueberry


These products will be frontrunners in what Hampton Creek says will be a line of more than 500 products. Future offerings from Hampton Creek are currently in development, and they include vegan versions of breads, pastas, cheeses, and meat alternatives.


Hampton Creek’s CEO, Josh Tetrick, said, “Our whole goal is to think differently about food.” The company is trying to get people to consider alternatives to traditional egg and dairy-based products, and it’s striving to get new and innovative products into the hands of consumers at an affordable price point.


“Our whole approach has been, if you could start over in food – and we believe it’s possible – you could figure out a way to make food that is better for the environment, better for farmers, a bit healthier, tastier, and the most affordable.”


We’re thrilled about Hampton Creek’s new line of vegan products, especially considering the 18-month fight the company had to go through to call its Just Mayo product a mayonnaise and to defend itself against accusations of improper practices in the workplace. We love that Hampton Creek is dedicated to putting vegan and cruelty-free food into the mainstream, and to changing the way consumers think about how food should be made.


We hope you’ll consider trying Hampton Creek’s new products, and its Just Mayo if you haven’t tried it already. Currently, Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo is available at Whole Foods, Costco, Kroeger, and Safeway.

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