Hanz Breakfast Potato Latkes

6- 8 Large Gold Finnish Potatoes

1/2 Large Onion in two pieces

Fresh Thyme

Pink Salt


Garnish with Thyme, Urfa Pepper, and Marash Red Pepper

Scrub potatoes and peel off dark spots, mostly peeled but not quite.  Cut the potatoes into four large pieces small enough to fit through the top hole of Cuisinart. Prepare your Cuisanart with a shred plate on the top piece, attach lid and push the potatoes through the hole, next add the onion.  Remove the potatoes and onion mixture to a large stainless steel mixing bowl, by squeezing out excess water with your hands for each handful and add fresh thyme and salt, mix well with your hands.  You can always sprinkle with salt as you eat if your not sure of salt quantity.  In a green eco non-stick pan, heat EVOO on medium heat and form patties with your hands and place in heated oil fry on both sides approx 4 minutes, checking for brownness and press down with a spatula as they cook to brown and release juices.   Add more oil as your cooking as necessary.  Blot oil on paper towels.  Serve hot with cashew sour cream, avocado, and tempeh bacon for breakfast or serve for dinner with a large veggie salad, vegan sour cream, sautéed collard greens.

Hanz is home from college in New York, where the weather is freezing rigid this year, the rain finally came to California today is January 8th!  He really loved these and will be making him more.  The surprise of this dish was I had no idea I wouldn’t need a chia seed egg to bind them together they actually stayed together without!  One of the best two foods you can eat when you first go vegan is potatoes and avocados, both filling and full of nutrients.  Enjoy!  Let me know if you had the same results!  

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