The Official Animal Rights March ~ New York September 2018


This was my second Animal Liberation March in New York, or better known as The Official Animal Rights March, where thousands of activists gather around the world, August 25th, September 1st.  I’ve been to many Marches in San Francisco to ban fur, and we finally won, the City of San Francisco banned fur!  Can’t say it was do to the Marches but I’m sure it helped.  It was mainly due to meeting with Legislators and Government agencies who were progressive enough to hear many speakers and why it should be banned.

What these Marches do is raise awareness that we are out there in huge numbers and we come from all walks of life, rich, middle classes, skinny, all shapes and sizes, all ethnicities, and the one common denominator is that we want justice for the animals and people to go vegan.  It brings all of us together and we are all happy and gives our cause a big boost!   Animal Liberation New York/Robert Banks arranged this and had some amazing speakers this year, Tal Gilboa who is the largest animal rights activist and powerful leader in Israel, Dan Matthews, Senior Vice President of PETA.

Please look on FB search @The Official Animal Rights March, for participating cities. And mark your calendars for next year!  This site doesn’t let me share very many photos, or I would show all the different signs that people held, you can find them on the VGP FB page.

Photo with one of my favorite activists, Robert Banks.  And Tal Gilboa from Israel, Lizzette Reyes another amazing activist!  Below with one of my best friends, Jannette Patterson, we’ve been long time friends and she used to work for PETA.  Love her.  More on Robert Banks he has done so much against the fur trade, and focuses mainly on fur, hitting stores with protests in NYC and arranging many other protests. Together in solidarity we are making history for the animals, never doubt that one person can make a difference!



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