There is something about January that’s to love. January is derived from the name Jana, after a Moon Goddess. My son, Hanz is almost (22!) was born this month of Aquarians, so that in itself is special. To me January is a reset time to write down our goals and act on them. A time to heal, 2020 was no easy feat, George Floyd, racial tension, elections, COVID, I lost my dog of 16 years, (I’m still grieving) my son lost a friend to suicide, animal horrors, mass culling -you all know what I’m talking about! January 2020 is a time to re-set; pray, a time to meditate. If you have a garden, plant your cover crops of clover and fava beans.

I just read two books that I’ve put off for years, because my blog on FB/Instagram/website… Media accounts is extra time consuming, at the same time important to connect with you and act for the animals! It felt so great to not be wound into the matrix of busyness.

The books I read were enlightening: “Path of Empowerment” and “Visualize Confidence.” I learned so much from these two, I highly recommend them.

A list of slowing down and engaging in your self care:

1.) Yoga
2) Meditate
3) Learn to cook more vegan plant-based, hone your cooking skills
4) More time with your pets/watch Netflix with them. My Juliet is getting older and she really needs attention, so besides our daily walks in nature, her favorite is watching Netflix/movies, TV is toxic with ads and news etc..
5) Read Books
6) Reflect on the last year/write down goals and make them happen INSPIRE yourself with a Vision Board
7) Garden or walks in nature everyday
8) Beauty rituals; Make altars around your home, nature time.
-Surround yourself with flowers
-Baths make them luxurious surround yourself with crystals and candles, and soak in EO and Epsom salts.
– Tea times twice a day; set a time green tea at 1:00 or 2:00, Before bed 8:00 p.m.
11) Study the stars and moon at night, get night air too!
12) Bond with your family and friends more, be with them, if you can’t call, text, write.

Altar Created for Solstice and to bring in light at Solstice and the New Year!
The Red Rose is for a young friend of my son’s Jack, who we lost in December to suicide. RIP Jack you will be missed dearly. Give our youth attention!

Some interesting things I learned: To spark both sides of the brain –
Did you know that you can create harmony between the two hemispheres of the brain for activating full brain potential? To enhance, try these exercises below:

*Slowly rotating your eyes left to right without moving your head.
*Listening to the sounds of nature by alternating your hearing from left to the right ear give the best results. Try it frequently for amazing results!

One more to add -what I am practicing more is Drishti, this I learned in yoga, -it’s to keep direct eye contact with the person you are speaking with. Chakra meditation to open your heart and chakras. Learning anything new!

This is an altar I made for this special Solstice we had with the Great Saturn Jupiter Conjunction. Going into darkness with more light. May we keep shining a light in the animals darkness. Blessings for a New 2021!

Great Saturn Jupiter Conjunction

Photo: Jersey’s Best

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