Coffee Tonic with Reishi and fresh Almond Milk

coffee_VGP2 Tablespoons Coffee 1/2 Tablespoon Reishi Mushroom *great for Adrenals and stress*
Water for small French Press
Homemade Almond Milk *see recipe previously posted *Homemade milk taste so much better!*

As water is boiling, make your Fresh Almond Milk squeeze through Milk bag into Glass Container
Make your coffee in small French Press
Ad Milk approximately 1/4 cup or less into Vitamix
Add Reishi Mushroom *ground*
Dash of Cinnamon
Blend then add coffee and blend all together

Every Morning ritual! Love this! You will too!

Thank you Ronnie Landis for the recipe and inspiration! ┬áPlease check out his You Tube videos a Raw Foodist with great information and book “The Live It Lifestyle” !!!

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