Meatless Mondays Mill Valley Proclamation Celebration

Second Step:  Celebrate the signing with a Vegan Meet-up and share beautiful vegan food!

IMG_2749The vegan movers and shakers were all here for Mill Valley Meatless Monday proclamation signing! Miyoko Schinner, of Miyoko’s Kitchen and her decadent vegan cheeses! Colleen Holland President of VegNews Magazine, Camilla Fox President of Project Coyote, Mikaële Dawn Tate of Green Your SPIRIT, and so many beautiful people. Got Mill Valley, next up the Mill Valley School District. Thank you Mayor Ken Wachtel!
So many of you are doing wonderful things no room to name you all…. Thank you Rudi Leonardi for your work against GMO’s and Andreas Knüttel for your compassionate work gathering vegans for concerts and promotional events. And Joyce Vandenberg Porter, my neighbor who blogs for Meatless Monday. Such a fun fantastic night!

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