Luscious Lentil Bowl w/Tahini Dijon Dressing

1 cup Lentils

1 cup Quinoa



Raw Greek Black Olives

Spices: Fresh Oregano, Chives, Thyme minced


1/4 cup Champagne Vinegar

Rallis Organic Raw EVOO

1 minced shallot

4 cloves garlic minced

1 tbs. Dijon

1 tbs. Tahini

In separate bowl, add Vinegar, salt and whisk. Add EVOO, Tahini and Mustard and whisk until smooth, add the shallot, garlic and herbs.



1 cup Lentils

Bring water to boil, enough water to cover the rinsed lentils and add more water if necessary. Add the lentils and cook for approximately 15- 20 minutes, taste test, you don’t want them mushy! Salt and remove from heat immediately and place into bowl.


1 3/4 Cup of Water

1 cup Rinsed Quinoa

Bring water to boil, salt and add rinsed Quinoa, cook and remove from heat and add to separate bowl.

Add dressing and more fresh herbs as needed to both the Quinoa and Lentils. You can adjust the dressing amounts by eye. Actually made two cups Lentils and quinoa to last two days, so you might double the dressing recipe. It’s definitely an eye recipe. As in eyeing your own amounts for the dressing.

Top with fresh squeezed Meyer Lemon, and Lemon Zest.

Garnish fresh Kale, Tomatoes, and Fennel from garden and made it a wrap. The fennel, chives and lemon zest are key ingredients. Salad from local organic store topped with new Reine Vegan Faux Gorgonzola, out of this world!

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you make this dish! The dressing is everything! Grazie!

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