MEMORIAM TO BEAUTIFUL REGAN RUSSELL – Our Animal Rights Community lost someone very special!

Regan lost her life while attending a pig vigil in Burlington, Ontario at Fearmans Pork Slaughterhouse. She was elegant, kind, giving and a beautiful soul all the way around. She was killed by a slaughterhouse truck and in the video (video is on VGP/FB page) you can see that she was clearly in sight of the driver. She was dragged by his truck after he struck her.

The legislative Bill 156 had just passed several days before, and was not enacted on this date, she wanted to make sure these pigs would be seen by people driving by and to also give them water, as they travel for days without it. This is common practice in the animal rights community to bare witness. So these trucks are well aware to stop in a safe designated area for the activists to pay their last respects to the pigs. Rather this driver chose to make it dangerous for the activists and stop in traffic and then he plunged it seems blatantly crushing her body in half.

Animal Rights Activism was a big part of Regan’s life, as she has been for a over 40 years protesting for animal rights such as dog sledding, fur protests, and bearing witness to pigs. Regan was a hero to the community and has made us even more committed to the fight for animal rights.

Activists have held vigils for Regan across the world. And in Canada her family mourns her loss with other activists. Her father, mother and husband gave wonderful eulogies to the Animal Rights community.

In her honor Canadians are fighting to repeal Bill 156, an animal AG-GAG law that wants to silence activists. Be brave, use your voice even louder and never give up the good fight! RIP beautiful REGAN! We will never forget you. Our condolences to her husband, father, mother and family.


  1. Regan Russell, you are now wearing angel’s wings. Bless you for all your brave work. Keep helping us!

    1. Author

      Lee, yes such an angel! It’s been so sad to see all the hate on her posts. And quite shocking actually, for people have lost their soul and kindness. She exuded all of that and more. Yes! May her work inspire us to keep moving for the animals and never stop! Thank you for being here! Much love and light to you!

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