To reduce the spread of COVID-19, Netherlands shuts down fur farms by the end of 2020.

Mink farms were ordered to cull and slaughter more than 1,500 mink in June, due to the covid virus spread in over nine farms in the Netherlands.

The WHO reported that two farm workers were infected in what was deemed to be the first cases of animal-to-human transmission of COVID-19.

PETA has offered to retrain Fur Farm employees to grow healthy vegan food in light of the fatal viruses linked to captive wildlife. PETA urged Gov. Tony Evers to shut down all mink farms in Wisconsin, the top producing farm in the United States. PETA’s letter to the Governor:

PETA’s Vice President, Tracy Reiman, stated “Filthy fur farms packed with sick, stressed, and injured minks are breeding grounds for disease. In face of a global crisis stemming from the wildlife trade, PETA is calling on Governor Evers to shut down these facilities and help farmers start meeting the skyrocketing demand for healthy vegan food.”

PETA further states, “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that approximately 75% of recently emerging diseases affecting humans originated in other animals. Minks on fur farms are suspected to be infected with a wide range of pathogens and diseases, including zoonotic ones like tularemia, LA-MRSA, Hepatitis E, influenza and salmonella.”

Mink are semi-aquatic animals, raised in horrid conditions, anally electrocuted and most of the time skinned alive. Fur is never humane, never eco, as they sometimes say. Please never wear fur, the real beauty is in compassion for animals.

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