My Memoriam in the Loss of My Juliet a Rescue from Romania

Do you know which one is Juliet?

Juliet came off the streets of Romania and landed in our home. She was with me 16 years. I cannot begin to tell you the life she gave to me. She was rescued my Nancy Janes of Romania Animal Rescue, we met at a PETA event here at my home, and since then she has spayed and neutered 1000 of dogs and cats and built a large pet hospital there in Romania. She saw Juliet was the one for me, and there she came to the US with a passport and the name was Rita. I decided Juliet fit her so well and was more romantic for such a pretty girl. Juliet was elegant and beautiful. Juliet was also a huge part of my daughter, Katrina’s dog in high school, and then my partner taking care of her so well, carrying her up and down the stairs towards her end of life.

We went on many adventures together, car trips to Mendocino and staying at a fancy vegan resort for dogs and humans, The Stanford Inn. We camped with my kids, we hiked the Mt. Tamalpais here, the Golden Gate Bridge as she got older and harder to walk, she loved the ocean air, the beaches, life was so beautiful for us. She also loved the grounds here, and ruled and especially our time in the vegetable garden.

She had a splenectomy over a year ago with a large melon sized tumor that came out benign but they didn’t give her long to survive but she did! Her legs began to give out, she had a seizure and her quality of life was no longer we let her live for at least 3 months until we saw too much suffering.

We had lovely ceremony full of roses and crystals, my kids Katrina and Hanz came down from L.A. and the doctor was amazing. The day she died it was a huge storm here, right after the doctor left, the sky opened up with sun, a rainbow appeared and a huge white tailed hawk came to the front yard and hovered, it was her spirit, I went out to the garden and there it followed me and hovered right over my head, it was surreal. That next weekend I left and headed to Calistoga I couldn’t handle all her memories here, and it really helped. But now the tears flow everyday with memories everywhere. I’ll recover soon I hope it’s been very difficult to lose her. I had to tell her story.

Do you have a pet that you’ve lost recently I’d love to hear from you. Thank you for being here with me.
Many blessings.

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