Animal Recovery Mission ( has a new undercover investigation stemming from extreme cruelty by Natural Prairie Dairy located in North Texas.

The undercover video reveals a nightmare for these animals, living in overcrowded sheds and feces ridden conditions. Far from what they want you to believe:

Natural Prairie Dairy FB page shows cows in fields and makes cows seem they are treated well, and they say in their mission statement; Their mission is to provide the “highest quality organic milk from our family to yours. “We believe in creating a sustainable, traceable product that is humanely produced, respectful of the environment and respectful of our people and animals. Their tagline is “It’s a great place to be a cow.”

This investigation reveals extremely violent animal cruelty, showing cows being twisted with their heads tied to flanks.

The video also reveals workers chasing the mother as she is giving birth, and immediately removing her baby. Cows were seen being stabbed with screwdrivers, bodies twisted with a rope tie and confined and force fed with tubes down their throats. Downer cows barely able to move, were kicked and then pulled behind a tractor by their face.

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Downer cow to weak to stand is kicked, then dragged by tractor.

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Currently grocers, Kroger and Meijer have suspended deliveries of milk from Prairie Dairy Farms pending the investigation. And one employee has been suspended.

In all my years as an animal rights activist, I cannot remember seeing such horrific dairy footage. It’s affected my ability to blog for over a week after just seeing the gruesome photos, today I had the courage to watch the video,

and I am abhorred that these operations are in existence and can get away with “humane” “organic” “raw” labels letting consumers think that they care about their cows.

As we’ve seen in ALL undercover videos from any Animal Rights group, systemic abuse is the norm. There is absolutely no oversight by the dairy industry owners nor the meat industry. Their bottom line is simply profit over animal welfare.

The only answer is to sign this petition,

keep the pressure up, go their FB page at Natural Praire Farms and politely express your outrage over the abhorrently cruel and violent treatment of their animals.

Also the best solution is to buy plant-based milks, cheeses, yogurts, etc… and say no to all dairy products. The replacements are healthier for you, the ANIMALS and the planet. Please say no to dairy.

Would be so happy to mentor you to get off dairy. Please ask me if you need assistance. I’m here for you. Thank you.


  1. How is it possible to have so much evil in this world….where is the love and compassion for these suffering animals?!

    1. Author

      Holly, where is the love? Profit and cruelty over caring for animals has unfortunately become the norm. Thanks for caring!

  2. What the hell is wrong with your dairy owners huh ? Natural you dare to use that name what your are doing is turning a blind eye for what…. money? you no better then McCloskey fair oaks dairy. Why I asked you owners Why treat these cows inhumanely? Shame be onto your entire dairy empire.

  3. yes you want to be technical ok..,. it seems those cows have been abused over and over again. I will get your dairy products off our market shelves if you want to be an jerk about my first submission.

    1. Author

      Faith, Yes please ask your grocers that carry these products to look into the investigation by Animal Recovery Mission and take them off the shelves. Raw and Organic labels too! Just awful! Thanks for caring!

    1. Author

      Suzi, it’s heartbreaking. So agree. Unfortunately it seems to be the norm in the Ag Business. Please take steps to go vegan. Let me know if I can help you get there. Thanks for your compassion!

  4. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the images having caught site of the 1st… this treatment by one species of another is so utterly heartbreaking I can’t begin to express the depth of my despair. We humans are proving ourselves to be the most ghastly “guardians” of the natural world that I almost hope a nuclear accident will wipe us out. When will we ever learn????

  5. Stop this cruelty at once! There’re living beings which deserve to be treated humanely

    1. Author

      Tonia, thank you for your compassion! So upsetting to see such brutal treatment of animals. I hope this shows everyone how systemic these industries are with cruelty and ditch dairy! The only answer is to go vegan! Thanks for caring!

  6. This farm should loose it’s license and all the employees should go to jail! I WILL NEVER BUY A PODUCT FROM THESE PEOPLE again!

    1. Author

      Michele! Thank you for caring, it’s truly disturbing! As we’ve seen from almost all dairy undercover videos this seems to be systemic in the system. Please leave dairy behind. Have you tried the many great plant-based alternatives? Thanks for your compassion!

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