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Legendary Pamela Anderson’s new debut on her Netflix show, “Pamela, a love Story,” has become an internet sensation, with many talking about what tragedies she had to endure to just be her sexy self with a spot on VogueUK Instagram, “What’s in my purse?” and many more headlines including her own vegan cooking show.

We are so happy that Pamela is enjoying sharing her life and feels strong and beautiful despite what’s happened to her in the past. In a recent interview with MSNBC she shares, “It’s a rebel move to be happy and sexy at any age.” That sums up her intelligence of owning her beauty and sexuality at 55.

She’s been a long time animal rights activist, stating that “Activism is Sexy. You gotta be brave and you gotta use what you got.” Pamela Anderson says in her new documentary. Here is some more history that I’ve written about her amazing activism here:

We can’t wait to see what vegan food she’s cooking up in the kitchen, the Baywatch beauty, “Cooking with Love,” will be featured on the Food Network Canada, making meals for her family and friends at her home in Vancouver Island.

We need more stars to be vocal for the animals like Pamela and now her own vegan cooking show that we can be proud of. She’s also made her own vegan line of uggs, vegan purses, and vegan shoes. We love Pamela for all she’s done for the voiceless and will continue to do. She is not just a vegan cook but also animal rights activist. What’s not to love about Pamela?

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