Pamela Anderson encourages Kim Kardashian to ditch cruel fur~ Gifting her a gorgeous Faux Fur Coat

Pamela Anderson Encourages Celebs to Get the Memo – Real Fur is Out Of Style.

Pamela Anderson recently sent a beautiful coral faux-fur jacket to Kim Kardashian along with an encouraging letter to embrace this fashionable and compassionate style option. Kardashian vowed to only wear fur made of roadkill back in 2016 after she was flour-bombed for wearing fur and even dressing her daughter in fur. Although that claim could be possible – it’s not enough especially given her star status. Real fur should not be promoted as a luxury item and should be wiped off the map completely, so the world’s horrific fur farms no longer have a market.

Anderson encouraged Kim to use her star-status to set a trendy and ethical example, also stating that young fans will admire her even more for making the switch. She explained how Teen Vogue, Gisele Bundchen and Gucci consider real fur to be outdated, and listed 4 other top brands that are going fur-free as a way to accommodate the demand of the soon-to-be largest consumer group in history. Real fur is old news and there is no need for it in this day and age.

This is not the first time Anderson has written to Kardashian – she also wrote this open letter about the violent deaths of the animals in the fur trade back in September. Maybe a gift will sweeten the deal. The mid-length coat was custom-designed for Kardashian from Russian manufacturer Only Me Eco Fur and something like it would retail for about $399-$499.

Pamela Anderson has been encouraging celebrities and people of influence to drop real fur from their wardrobe options since 2009. She thanked then–Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for banning the slaughter of baby harp seals in a letter, and worked with PETA to achieve a ban on importing the baby-seal pelts. She then began designing with Russian faux-fur manufacturer Only Me to create fake bearskin hats to replace the famous busbies worn by the Queen’s guards in England, as one black bear is killed per hat!

In February 2017 Eco Watch reported that as the Honorary PETA Director, Anderson also sent Melania Trump a custom-designed Only Me faux-fur jacket. It was thank-you gift after Trump wore a fur-free look by Ralph Lauren to her husband’s inauguration. The letter and custom faux-fur coat were well-received by the first lady and encouraging of Anderson’s beliefs.

Faux fur hat’s off to Pamela for all her hard work and stewardship for animals – fur is theirs to wear, and not ours! We thank you for your continued efforts to put fur out of style – compassion is here to stay. We hope to see a response from Kardashian as the continuing backlash she receives about wearing fur only continues to grow more and more public.

The letter is below~

Pamela Anderson gifts Kim Kardashian

Written by:  Sara Hoffman, Vegan Yogi, you can find her at

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