PETA’s 35th Anniversary Party with Paul McCartney

It’s not easy seeing all the animal abuse on a daily basis, having to comb through videos of barbaric torture we inflict on animals.  So a reprieve to party with like minded friends is such a joy.  Took my husband, daughter and her friend who is a newly vegetarian and we had a blast!

Photos of he girls, my daughter on the right with Ingrid Newkirk, President of PETA, the idol of Katrina and me.
Fritz and I had such a blast with the girls at PETA’s 35th Anniversary party last night. Paul McCartney rocked the house! So many great people got the River Phoenix Humanitarian Award, Tommy Lee for his fur activism, Shaun Monson producer of “Earthlings”, Jane Velez Mitchell, George Lopez happy for PETA Latino 2nd year, Pamela Anderson, Alicia Silverstone, ~~Moby and Bill Maher giving large donations to a large matching donation and rolling the good vibes with everyone! All for the ANIMALS! <312074533_10207799597729572_932555144695586227_n 12074540_10207799592849450_8656127623206294309_n 12074915_10207799593849475_7618443495441137166_n

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