Pomegranate Pear Aphrodisiac Elixir

1 Pomegranate, wash and open for seeds
1 Pear, remove the core/seeds
Spring Water
Rose Water
Euphoric Elixir by Anima Mundi Apothecary

Using the whole food is more beneficial than just the juice. Blend all ingredients and add the elixir. I just use my vitamimix and it works so well for most juices.

Fruit is detoxifying and healing. Pomegranates are high in folate (B9), potent for Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, antioxidants contain calcium, fiber and 4 grams of protein. They are better known for their bioactive compounds with antioxidant punicalagins, anthocyanins particularly and hydrolysable tannins that help fight free radicals. It’s very beneficial as an anti-cancer inhibitor and for slowing down of tumor growths. It’s so healing dive into Pomegranate season. Roses vibrate the highest, try to always add rose water or rose petals. Garnish with Wild Blueberries and Orchid.

I collect herbs, tonics, elixirs, adaptogens, to make elixirs. I don’t think I’ve posted an Elixir one before but they are so healing. This one being Euphoric and an aphrodisiac makes it fun to make! Stay tuned for more healing tonics and elixirs! Enjoy! SO delicious!

This is a high vibration Sacred Geometry grid with Amethyst in front, the Prasiolite Green Quartz qualities of direct connection between heaven and earth. Healing of our soul, increased love of self, lucid dreaming, healing of aura. Just think how this drink is vibrating with all this crystal power and sacred geometry around it.

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