Raw Living Medicinal Breakfast ~ Brunch


1 Jar of Coconut Mlyk *Young Living Foods

2 pints Organic Blackberries

1/2 Organic Cantaloupe chopped

Organic Figs sliced in half

1 Banana sliced on diagonal

So thankful to have this Raw Probiotic Coconut Mlyk locally made, if you don’t have it available you could use any coconut mlyk and combine the following with it in a blender:  Coconut mlyk, 4 Blackberries, 1 Tbs. Maca, 1 tsp Reishi, 1/2 tbs. Mucucna Puiriens, 1 tbs. Warrior Food Extreme Protein Powder.

Place the Medicinal Coconut Mylk in the bowl and surround with Fresh Organic fruits.

You could also substitute with regular vegan yogurt and garnish the plate as above, without the medicinal powders.  The new rage seems to be meat-eating brunches, would love to start having them at my home just to show how much more beautiful they can be. 🙂  Enjoy!!

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