Roasted Zahtar Chickpeas

2 Cups Organic Chickpeas  Soaked overnight

Zahtar Spice


1 Clove Garlic

Lavendar Lemon Sea Salt

Organic EVOO

Drain beans and put into pot and cover with water.

Cook for approximately 40 minutes check for tenderness until firm but able to press open.

Drain and layer onto large cookie sheet with sides.  Add EVOO* Extra Virgin Olive Oil to bottom of pan spread and rub garlic clove onto pan.  Add Chickpeas, garlic clove 11811374_846738635380548_4257729787120106509_nand coat with spices, EVOO and sprinkle sea salt on the top mix with your hands to spread evenly.

Roast in oven at 450 for approximately 10-15 minutes shaking the pan in the middle of cooking.  Let cool.

Can be used as a great snack, in a pita sandwich or veggie bowl.  Loving this Zahtar spice I found at a local Spanish store.  Amazing flavor!  Enjoy!



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