Hi, I’m Karenna,

Welcome!  Just a little about me…. I am extremely passionate about good, organic, healthy, plant-based foods and the way animals are treated and how eating meat is the #1 Environmental devastation to our planet.  I really care about the world my children will be inheriting.

After being an animal eater for over 25 years of my life growing up in Florida, my father was a hunter and I was raised on meat and dairy,– it never struck me when he would bring a beautiful deer home to eat nor the animals on my plate.  I had an epiphany and turned Vegetarian and then 5% pescatarian after reading Diet for New America.  I wanted to become a catalyst for change.  I didn’t know pigs were raised in such horrific gestation crates and the environmental consequences of eating meat. Eventually I realized that veganism was a better way of life than vegetarianism, by my girlfriend asking me to go Vegan for her birthday 10 years ago by reading a book titled “The Quantum Wellness Cleanse” 21-Day Vegan Challenge” by Kathy Freston, that was it for me and there is no going back.

Since becoming a vegetarian, I’ve been an advocate for animals and the planet, educating on the benefits of an organic way of life and animal rights. I will share many stories and studies here from others and those written by me.   Being vegan is not about the person, but about not harming animals by not eating, using or wearing animals or subjecting them to animal testing or for our entertainment.

Healing ourselves by eating an organic vegan whole foods plant-based diet, not laden with pesticides, and exercise is a critical component to our health and well-being, and constantly striving to become a better person with spiritual work.  The products we buy support the kind of planet we want to live on. We are a beautiful tribe on our FB Page and Instagram Community and I hold you dearly.  I am here if you need me for anything.

My favorite thing is hiking in the forest and being out in nature. Organic, veganic gardening and cooking are a passion.  Being with my young adults as well as sharing my knowledge.  Thank you for being here to help the animals.

You are a blessing,


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The work I do is all volunteer and paying an artist, website developers, hosting, etc… If you want to donate to PETA or Community Solidarity, but just getting you on the path to vegan is my goal.  I do this for the animals and you!


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There are many Vegan Doctors to consult, T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D, John McDougall, M.D., Gabriel Cousens, M.D., Michael Gregor, M.D. of Nutrition Facts, Michael Klaper, M.D., just to name a few.


  1. I have been lacto vegetarian since I was 20 and I am now 61. It is a process to believe and practice a balanced way of life meditation, turning complete raw vegan and at the same time balance a job of be in the world but not of it. I have 4 animal companions, kindred souls I feel, they are vegan, I prepared rices, lentils, beans, quionua, as well as make salad for lunch for them and feed them what I eat, raw apple. I want to have friends and be a part of others people who consciously move in the same direction, but, find it is hard to connect. I travel 6 or 8 months out of the year all over the US and Canada due to my job, so, I find it difficult. I drive entertainers in the motor homes they travel in. So, point is I am reaching out to try more change in my life. I want to learn more about raw foods and super foods and add them in my life. I do yoga, meditate, workout, and keep fit, but, want more.

    1. Author

      Hi Lee! Congrats! That’s a long time being vegetarian! So lovely your dogs are vegan as are mine!

      I would suggest since you travel quite a bit, to purchase some of these Superfoods like Dr. Shulze’s Vitamin/Mineral Supplement to sprinkle on your salads. Hemp seeds to sprinkle on fruit and Chia seeds to add to your diet. Also, you can add any of these on my list to your smoothies. Keep them in small jars so they aren’t so cumbersome to travel with and refrigerate hemp and chia seeds, and Dr. Shulze, I hope this helps! Cheers!

  2. karenna im so proud of you im glad you have found something in your life that you are passionate about you ..ve always been there in my heart and soul.love you always and forever

  3. all.animals are a gift from god as we all are ,they are on loan for us to watch and enjoy it is our duty to protect them ,

    1. Author

      Michelle, thank you for your lovely thoughts, yes, protecting them in all ways, veganism is truly the answer. Thank you for your compassion! <3

  4. Its been about a month and a half since I stopped eating meat, i have lost 10 pounds and i feel a lot better,i hope i can continue with this quest,save an animal I am really trying thank you for the enlightenment Love your brother

    1. Author

      Sonny! I am so proud of you, and actually shocked at the same time, because I had no idea you were going to take it seriously! It makes me so happy for your health, the animals and the planet, you have no idea how much this means to me. Thank you, I Love you! xoxoxo

  5. Hi its been a while ,but I am still fighting with the meat demons ,love you always and forever

  6. I wish there was a way to make people watch a video of animal slaughter, like while they wait in line for food at macdonalds and above supermarket selections in the meat department…which I can’t go near because I start crying. Many of us had to go thru the auditorium in lines to see lung sections in jars from people who smoked, as a warning to us, so early teen years in schools would be a good time to explain what industrial food animal farming does to the environment, one’ s health, but most importantly, the disgusting cruelty to animals. I just don’t fit in this world, this planet doesn’t just belong to humans, humans DON’T in everything….this planet belongs to all animals, too.

    1. Author

      Marg, that would be amazing! Yes, the truth should be told to the masses, it’s amazing how many people haven’t even a clue!
      I feel the same, I don’t fit in this world either, but that’s okay because we have each other! Together we are all making a difference and don’t ever forget that! Blessings to you! Thanks for your compassion!

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