Self love: Treat yourself with daily nutrition and kindness to heal our planet

What does self love mean to you?  Without it you won’t have the power to stand up for the causes that matter to you.  So we must take the time to be loving and kind to our own bodies and self.

I have a Daily Ritual that I hope you can join me in…

1) Drink water. It is best to drink at least 2-3  32 Fluid Ounce jars of filtered water in ball jars. So, I keep count!

2) Exercise. It is a must!  I love to hike in nature and take photographs, workout at the gym with weights, run on the treadmill or practice yoga. It’s best to mix it up!

3) Organic Green Drinks. Go organic at all costs. Green veggies are best for cleansing and providing nutritional value to your body.

4) Organic Vegan Nutrition. I am a vegan through and through. Practicing veganism–no animal products–provides a tremendous source of health, nutrition and love for you and your world.

5) Sunshine. Getting sun on your face or body provides you with the necessary vitamin D your body craves for happiness and health. I sunbathe in moderation due to the unwanted effects of aging and skin diseases.

6) Earthing. Going barefoot outside and touching the earth is a heavenly experience. My day is not complete without this treasured experience. I also love to lay down and look up at the sky, or take a walk down the beach–barefoot, of course!

7)  Supplements. I have various nutritional supplements in my daily regimen that help me, with nutritional balance to stress reduction.

8) Meditation. There is much power in the stillness of the mind. I try not to skip this one.

9) Inspire others. I try to be the best positive inspiration I can be to others in Art and Love to heal the planet. My goal is to inspire others to heal themselves, and to give and serve others.

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