Simplicity Summer Rose Lentil Salad

1 Head of Green leafy Lettuce

1 small head of Baby Red Romaine


2 Cups French Green Lentils

2 Carrots, chopped largely

1 Bay Leaf

1 clove Garlic


Rinse Lentils and cover with water, bring them to a boil and add bay leaf, carrots, salt, garlic.  Simmer approximately 20 minutes, check for tenderness.  You do not want them mushy.  Drain and discard the garlic, bay leaf and carrots, mix with the Vinaigrette.


Add to small glass mixing bowl:

1 Meyer Lemon juiced

Pink Salt

2 cloves Garlic minced

6 tbs. EVOO

Mixed Fresh Garden Herbs ~  1 Tbs. Dill, Parsley, Thyme minced

Garnish:  Diced Red Bell Pepper, Marigolds, Nasturiums, Dill, and Thyme, Drizzle with Rallis Olive Oil.

Wash the lettuces well, these were from the Farmers Market, my garden was a little off this summer with all the travel, and lettuces need to start from seed, if you want the really good ones.  But growing roses, roses carry with them the highest frequency, growing them in the vegan garden and then adding them to eat and savor the beauty of this high frequency flower.  Think about that, you want your body not to be a graveyard of dead animals but rather a garden of beauty. <3

Lentils are my favorite protein salad for hot summer days, and today was just that after a very foggy summer.  Would much prefer the fog than have to worry about the intense heat waves or wild fires living in California.  Last summer was intense.   Where do you live?  And have you tried any recipes?



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