Garden Fried Green Tomatoes


1 Cup Soy Milk

3 tbs. Flax Seed to 9 tbs of water mix ~blend in small blender = 3 eggs


Slice Green Tomatoes

Always organic everything!


After preparing your “eggs” blend with the soy milk,  in a cast iron skillet heat with oil, soak the tomatoes in the soy milk/egg mixture on both sides and coat with cornmeal well on both sides, sauté on both sides until lightly browned.

Being a southern girl, without the accent born in Florida, this invokes memories of my mother making these.  It was the end of the garden season when the tomatoes were petering out so to speak and was left with the perfect green tomatoes.  Somehow I missed this recipe and found it, hope you try it this year with your tomatoes!    Enjoy it, so easy to make vegan!  Garnish with Marash and Urfa Pepper to make it pretty.

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