Spring Cabbage Salad Glazed with Balsamic Truffle Glaze

1/2 head of Red Cabbage sliced/chopped

1/2 head of Green Cabbage sliced/chopped

1 Shallot diced

2 cups Parsley and Cilantro diced approx. 1/2 bunch each, 4 leaves Mint diced



1/4 cup White Balsamic Vinegar


Garnish: Black Truffle Balsamic Glaze, edible flowers

In a separate mixing bowl combine shallot, vinegar and salt, add EVOO, mix add fresh herbs, cumin powder and mix in with cabbage. With the Cumin and EVOO I just sprinkled the Cumin on and it wasn’t overwhelming it was perfect approximately 1/2 tablespoon. Also had some mint and added just a little. Fresh herbs are everything! Same for EVOO, add to your liking you can adjust this recipe easily with taste test.

The combination of the herbs and tanginess of the vinaigrette, topped with the fine Balsamic Truffle glaze which added a hint of sweetness was perfect. If your interested where to find the Balsamic Glaze just ask. 🙂 It’s a must have in your kitchen cabinet! This salad was even tastier the next day. If you have time would make it the night before and let the flavors merry. Delicious to add to any dish and beautiful.

Made this with the Purple Potato Salad and served with Black Bean and Walnut burgers. The perfect trio for Memorial Day holiday or any day. Enjoy!

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