Summer Harvest Tomato Pasta

6 Large Heirloom Tomatoes/Cherry Tomatoes

1/2 Bunch Parsley

Rallis Freeze Pressed Organic Olive Oil

1/4 Cup Vegan Basil Pesto

3 Cloves Garlic minced


Vegan Parmesan

Wash and chop tomatoes, add in mixing bowl ingredients, let it merry for a few hours so the tomatoes soak in the flavors well.   Serve over your favorite pasta and top with your favorite vegan parmesan.

Was reading about a 109-year-old Okinawan who lived in Greece and he still eats pasta with garlic and EVOO daily.   Who doesn’t love a simply made pasta and this is a great use for all of your end of the summer tomatoes.  Simply delicious!

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