Sunshine, Vegan Diet, Exercise….

These are things the doctor should be telling you.

SUNSHINE: Plenty of Vitamin D. Sunshine or supplement with a vegan Vitamin D.

8 glasses of purified water a day. Hyrdrate!


Doctor's Rx

Doctor’s Rx

is crucial to replenish the cells in your body and mind.

AIR: we should be getting outside and breathing in fresh air, rather through walking or gardening or just being outside!

EXERCISE: Is something I must have on a daily basis. For me it is hiking in the forest, or gym in the summer when it’s too hot, yoga I will do more this year! Only once a week at the moment but have goals to incorporate more in my life.

VEGAN DIET: Well of course! Where would we be without a great vegan diet! Food is the number one thing people thing of, it’s critical we are feeding our machine the right nutrients through a vegan diet!

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